Frequently Asked Questions – General Inquires



How much coffee do I use?

The answer depends on how strong you like your coffee. The more coffee you use the stronger the taste will be. A Good rule of thumb – use 8 tablespoons for a 10-12 cup coffee pot.

How many calories are in your flavored coffee?

The flavorings we use are an oil base so they do not add any calories to a cup of coffee. A cup of coffee has about 5 calories.

Should I keep my coffee in the refrigerator?

NO. Coffee is very susceptible to odors and will pick up the smells in your refrigerator. Opening the refrigerator frequently will also cause the coffee to draw moisture and that will cause it to lose flavor. If you have to store it, put it in the freezer in an airtight container but only for a short period of time.

Do I pay tax and shipping charges?

If you prefer to have the coffee shipped to you, shipping charges will be added. Only orders shipped in Kansas will be charged sales tax.

If I live in the Wichita area, can I pick up my order?

Yes. Once the order is completed you can pick it up at our customer service entrance. Our address is: 10821 E. 26th St. North (just north of 21st and Greenwich), Wichita, Ks. 67226. call 1-888-520-5282 or 316-267-3771 to place your order.

Why does coffee sometimes upset my stomach?

All of our roasted coffees are high grown, mild Arabica beans with less acid and no after taste. Low altitude coffees have a large amount of acid in them. The higher the altitude the less acid there is in the coffee.

How much caffeine is in a shot of espresso?

Somewhere between 30 and 100 mg. but the average is about 75 mg*

*Mayo Clinic-Journal of food and science 2010, 2011.

*National coffee association.

How much caffeine in regular brewed coffee and dark roasted coffee?

Are we talking Arabica or Robusta coffees? Robusta coffees have more caffeine and will be on the higher side of this scale. Arabica coffees are 80 mg to 200 mg (Average is about 110) but then the darker the roast the more caffeine is removed, resulting in the espresso having less caffeine per shot as opposed to an 8 oz cup of coffee.*

*Mayo Clinic-Journal of food and science 2010, 2011.

*National coffee association.