Frequently Asked Questions – Office Coffee Services



Do you charge for the coffee equipment?

No, as long as you are purchasing your coffee and products from us and we are able to service your account. Typically we do not charge for coffee equipment. There is a rental fee on the Keurig and Tassimo brewers.

Do I call in my orders?

No, your route sales representative will be by to service your account as often as necessary and will provide you with what you need at that time.

What type of equipment do you use?

We carry a wide variety of name brand equipment to cover small usage accounts all the way up to large industrial accounts.

Do you carry hot chocolate and other items?

Yes, we also have Cup of Soup, hot spiced cider, Crystal Lite and of course cream and sugar just to mention a few.

Do you have single cup coffee makers?

Yes, we are an authorized distributor for both Keurig and Tassimo and have the products to sell for those units.

How often does someone from your company come by?

We service your account as often as necessary but typically every two weeks or 4 weeks on a regular schedule. Most of our convenience stores will be serviced every week.

I hate washing dishes; do I have to wash the coffee pots?

No, our route sales representative will be trading those out for clean ones as they service your account.

I have a convenience store, do you service them?

Do we ever! Click on the convenience store link on the service tab to see what PrairieFire coffee can do for you.

We have a conference room that only gets used every once in a while, do you have something to keep our coffee hot?

Since you are one of our customers already, we can provide you with airpots that will hold coffee hot for hours and hours.